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EF58, 6.1.2008 updated
Electric car of Niigata Kotsu, 3.1.2008 updated
EF210-100 placed in SinTsurumi engine depot, 7.10.2007 updated
M250 electric railcar for Super rail cargo, 5.8.2007 updated
I was in Shimonoseki station for 2 hours on January 6, 1973. 1.6.2007 addition
The trip early in April(The outskirts of Totsuka, and from Totsuka to Tokuyama), 1.5.2007 addition
EF65-500, 21.4.2007 updated
EF65-1 to 135, 19.4.2007 updated
ED16, 1.4.2007 addition
EF80, 10.3.2007 updated
Mail Railcar of Japan, 1.3.2007 addition
EF10, 12.2.2007 updated
EF13, 12.2.2007 updated
EH10, 5.2.2007 updated
EF65-1001 to 1055, 3.2.2007 updated
The old model JNRs electric car which ran at Niigata area, Class 70 and others, 1.2.2007 addition
Electric locomotive ED11 to 14 of Sagami Railway, 30.1.2007 updated
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Today's Pic: 19.01.2021 Class EF65-528 electric locomotive, Toukaidou Line at Hodogaya station, 13.07.1976(03t)
2-Sakura limited express train.

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Gallery M250 electric railcar for Super rail cargo. 1.7.2007 addition, 5.8 updated, 58 photos

Gallery I was in Shimonoseki station for 2 hours on January 6, 1973. 1.6.2007 addition, 28 photos

Gallery The trip early in April, 2007 (The outskirts of Totsuka, and from Totsuka to Tokuyama) 1.5.2007 addition, 48 photos

Gallery ED16 operated in Nanbu and Oume Line 1.4.2007 addition, 109 photos

Gallery Mail railcar of Japan from 1973 till 1986 1.3.2007 addition

Gallery The old model JNRs electric car which ran in Niigata area, Class 70 and others 1.2.2007 addition

Gallery Electric Railcar of Izu Kyuukou 1.1.2007 addition, 301 photos.

Gallery Electric Railcar of Enoshima Electric Railway 1.12.2006 addition, 120 photos.

Gallery Class 181 EC used for Limited express "Toki" 1.11.2006 additon, 123 photos

Gallery EF58-61 (1990,1991) 10.9.2006 addition, 19.9 updated, 19 photos

Gallery Class 157 EC used for Limited express "Amagi" and "Shirone" 15.6.2006 additon, 18.8 updated. 106 photos
Gallery Electric car of Niigata Kotsu 5.6.2006 Addition, 12.12.2006updated, 257 photos
Gallery EF65 operated in West Japan recently 3.6.2006 addition, 29.12 updated, 27 photos

Data EF210-100 placed in SinTsurumi engine depot (33 photos) 2007.10.7updated
Data The spring of 2006 Photography travel which used the Youth 18 Ticket (3 photos) 2006.4.11addition

Gallery Operation of EF58 used around 1985 in Hanwa Line and Kisei Line 2006.5.12addition
It is publication of limitation this month. 13 photos are published in all.

Gallery The time when "Toki"(Japanese crested ibis) used 183-1000 type EC was born (1974-1975) 2006.5.1 addition
It is publication of limitation this month. 18 photos are published in all.

Document My recorded railroad data around 1990 to 1991 12.2.2006 addition
Gallery Electric locomotive ED11 - 14 of Sagami Railway (1975 to 77 years) 30.1.2007 Revision
The freight train of Sagami Railway (Hodogaya-NishiYokohama: connecting line with JNR). 37 photos are published in all.


Gallery The Yamagata Transportation Takahata line (all photographs were taken in August, 1973)
A total of 21 photos (cars, the appearance of yard, a run photograph). Updating 6.9.2005
Addition :The freight train which 59634 towed at Nukanome station (A photograph was taken in September, 1972) -- 11.3.2005
Gallary 8620 run on Gono Line (1973. 2) 21 photos 7.9.2005. updating
Gallery Record of the day photoed because the Sakura and the Asakaze were abolished 28.2.2005 18:20, 15th of March addition
Gallery Orient Express In Japan (October, 1988 - December) 97 photos 10.11.2006 updated

Gallery EF10 (the 1970s) EF10 belonged to Tokyo and SinTsurumi-ku is almost the case. 48 photos are published in all. 27.7.2005 addition, 12.2.2007 updated
Gallery EF12 (1974 - 76 years) EF12 belonged to new Tsurumi-ku is almost the case. 37 sheets are published in all. 6.8.2005 additions
Gallery EF13 (the 1970s) EF13-11 ,14 and 17 were un-taken a photograph. 135 photos are published in all. 12.2.2007 updated
Gallery EF15 (the 1970s) EF15 of the manufacture in the 1947 and 1951 fiscal years. 97 photos
Gallery EF16 (EF16 which run Joetsu Line of the 1970s), 116 photos is carried. 9.5.2005 additions
Gallary EF56 (EF56 of the last which I photographed), 15 photos, 29.3.2005 addition
Gallery EF57 (Finale of EF57 of the 1970s) EF57-2, 4, 10 and 12 were un-taken a photograph. 119 photos are published. 1.10.2006 updated
Gallery EF58 ( the 1970s and 80s : EF58 of downward slope) 1424 photos are published in all. 6.1.2008 Edition
Document EF58 photography record (from 1972 up to around 87) 19.10.2005
Gallery EF59 (trip to Hiroshima in January, 1984) 54 photos. 24.11.2005 addition, EF61-200 and EF58 are more carried.

Gallery EF65-1 to 135 (from 1973 to 2006) 4.8.2006 addition, 19.4.2007 updated, 622 photos
Gallery EF65-500 (from 1973 to 2006) 11.7.2006 addition, 21.4.2007 updated, 526 photos
Gallery EF65-1001 - 55 (the 1970s or subsequent ones of the 1980s) 20.11.2005 addition, 3.2.2007 updated
I publish all the locomotives which mainly towed a passenger train for Ueno. 343 photos are published in all.
Gallery EF65-1056 to 1139 (from 1977 to 2006) 1.9.2006 addition, 19.4.2007 updated, 600 photos

Gallary (EF66 all photography) EF66-901, and 1-55 are published. 346 photographs. 11.7.2006 Edition
Gallery EF80 (from 1973 till 1985) 1.10.2006 addition, 10.3.2007 updated, 277 photos
Gallary (EH10 all photography) EH10-1 - 64 are published. 162 photographs. 5.2.2007 Edition
The photograph of EH10 which mounted PS22B 27.3.2005 12:00 Addition
Two sorts of modification louver doors of the body central part of EH10
The manuscript about the pantograph of EH10 was added to "the manuscript written a long time ago." 27.3.2005 12:00

Gallery EF5861 (glittering EF5861) 22.5.2005 addition EXPO'85 science Train (at Hodogaya) and test run in October, 1978. 58 photos, 11.11.2006 updated.
Gallary EF5861 (the 1980s) Eight photos are published. 23.2.2005 addition
Gallery Takachiho and Sakurajima, or Sakurajima and Takachiho I took this photograph in 1974 or 75.
Gallery The Izumo - A Short Histry (1975-2006) 17 photos are published in all. 19.5.2006 Edition
Gallery The Izumo with EF65-500 (1974-1978) 23 photos are published in all. 19.5.2006 Edition

Manuscript written a long time ago (pantograph of EF58, EF66, and EH10) EH10 addition 27.3.2005

Resume about my railroad (the train of Niigata Kotsu, the electric locomotive of Odakyu, etc. are seen)
Railroad photograph taken as a junior high school student by chance (1956. a photograph is taken to 8 and 1957.5)
Toff 100 of Odakyu Toff's 108 photograph was changed into the color (24.2.2005 22:50).
SL and DL of Kyushu
Enoshima station in Enoden The photograph of the Yoshitsune number of photography is added to 8.3.2005.
The train of Niigata Kotsu
The train of the Echigo Transportation Tochio line (a photograph will be taken in May, 1973)

Special Gallery "Sakura" It is heavy ? page with which the "Sakura" of 24 is located in a line. The photograph was replaced. 7.5.2005
Special Gallery "Hayabusa(peregrine falcon)"
Special Gallery "Asakaze"
Special Gallery "Fuji" photography photograph is added to 1.3.2005
photograph taken recently Nankai 2300 system -- under passage 17.2.2005

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Railroad model
My Scenery Photograph 2009.2.12 updated
My record and CD of JSBach

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